Mixing & Mastering Services

How Much Does Mixing & Mastering Cost?


Mixing and mastering is about $100-$500 per song depending on a couple different factors, including the number of vocal tracks and whether the beat is tracked out or not.



Price Breakdown:

  • 2 Track Mix - $135 (FREE if "Unlimited" or "Exclusive" ChooKy Beat rights purchased)

  • Trackouts Mix - $250 (FREE if "Unlimited" or "Exclusive" ChooKy Beat rights purchased)

    • If your song has the beat tracked-out, meaning each instrument is it's own audio file



Additional Services:

  • Mastering - Free when mix is purchased (2 Track Mix or Trackouts Mix)

    • We include free mastering with ALL mixes

    • If you have something mixed and you ONLY want mastering, it's $30/song

    • Keep in mind that unless you're POSITIVE you know the difference between mixing and mastering, you most likely want mixing. Mixing is about 95% of the process, mastering is the last 5% or so.

  • Revisions - $50/hr after 1st free round

    • More often than not, we nail it on the first try! But, occasionally you may want some changes. We offer one round of minor changes for free on each mix. Examples of a minor change would include things like "turn the vocals up a little," or "add more auto-tune."

    • After that first round of simple changes, any additional revisions are $50/hr with a $20 minimum

  • Rush Mix - $35 

    • The typical turn around time is 1 to 2 weeks per song. We offer an expedited service with a 72 hour turn around time when you need that mix done ASAP.

  • Additional Versions - $20/each

  • Any additional versions, like clean edits, show mixes, acapellas, instrumentals, etc.



Other Questions:

What's The Difference Between a "2 Track" and "Tracked-Out" Beat?

  • A "2-track beat" aka a "Stereo Beat" is one stereo file. 

    • This usually in the format of one MP3 or WAV file 

  • A "tracked-out" beat means the instruments of the beat (kick drum, snare, bass, synth, etc) are on separate tracks, also known as "stems." 

    • This will usually come in a zip folder with multiple WAV files

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After you fill out the form below, we will be in touch with quote and payment method.  In the meantime you can gather the songs 24 bit .wav files and submit to theloudroomstudios@gmail.com via wetransfer or whatever is best for you.

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